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Jackson Rhythm & Blues Festival, August 14-15, 2015, Jackson, MS

Jackson Rhythm & Blues Festival, August 14-15, 2015, Jackson, MS

111 East Capitol Street, Suite 102 Jackson, Mississippi 39201 • 800-354-7695 • 601-960-1891
2015 Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival: Is it true to its “ROOTS”?
JACKSON, MS- “City with Soul”

The 2015 Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival roster is set for its third year! The festival is August 14th & 15th at the MS Ag Museum. Keeping with the grounds and its natural rustic setting, is the Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival being true to its “Roots”? Yes! “Nappy Roots” that is, has been added to the roster!
Festival organizers started the festival to celebrate Jackson’s rich contribution to the foundation of
rhythm and blues, but are not married to just those genres. The festival is postured to explore and
introduce new genres to expand its offering. This year is no different; they have added a
Gospel/R&B/Urban Contemporary Artist, Mali Music, who made his debut on the BET Music Awards. R&B Divas star Leela James; Percussionist, Adib Sabir; A cappella group, Street Corner Symphony;
and Southern Soul/R&B Artist, T-Baby round off the line-up. Altogether now….. It’s Boomin!
Nappy Roots is a Southern rap quartet that entered the music scene in 1998 and the guys have remained real, humble, and talented with inherent, undeniable southern swagger. After the international success of
their album Watermelon, Chicken, & Grits, selling over 3 million albums, the members of Nappy Roots were flying high while still acutely aware of how far it could be to the bottom should they fall.
After his seismic performance at the BET Music Awards’ “Music Matters” stage, Mali Music found
himself meeting with major record label executives, and finally settled in at RCA Records-the home of Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Miguel. After another earthshaking BET Music Awards performance and a performance at the Essence Festival, the mainstream wholeheartedly embraced Mali’s undeniable and uplifting blend of soulful R&B, invigorating hip-hop, and inspiring lyricism.
What sets Leela James apart is her fearless approach to making music. She travels the gamut of
emotions from self-doubt to self-confidence, and reminds her audience of what it is to be human – to
love, to regret and to dream. Constant requests have been pouring in for James to reemerge at the
Festival, which may be attributed to her popularity on reality show, R&B Divas. Where else could she perform, but in the “Diva’s Den”?
Just in case you’ve been hibernating for the winter, the Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival is a premier two-day music festival offering a stellar music mix and line up guaranteeing a good Jackson, Mississippi time with over 30 Artists on 5 stages, including 4 indoor, air-conditioned venues, transformed into Juke Joints- It’s Boomin!

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CONTACT: Yolanda Clay-Moore, Manager, Public Relations
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