Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tyrese, Black Rose Album

I was listening on the Steve Harvey morning radio show about a month and half ago, on my way to an appointment. I caught the tail end of his interview with Tyrese. Tyrese was talking about his latest and last album Black Rose and that it was personal. Black Rose demonstrates Tyrese's growth as an artist and his maturity as a man. This album has a classic R&B feel to it. The kind of music that you just want to kick back and mellow out with a glass of wine. The reason why I love R&B music, it tells a story of what people are going through in their life. Tyrese has captured it, in this album.
It is definitely music for grown folks. It gives you a glimpse into his life and past loves. It’s real as real can get. This artist from the streets of South Central Los Angeles that sung on a Coca Cola commercial in the late 1990’s, is one class act. I put two links with Tyrese talking about his final album, his Ex and much more. Check it out. My favorite song is “Shame”, but the other songs on this album are just as good. Tyrese is one amazing talent check out his album and songs on Streetwise Radio.


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