Sunday, November 9, 2014

Portia Monique

It amazes me that true musical talent is so hard to find. It astounds me that Portia Monique is not being playing on the On-Air Radio Stations. She sure should be. Well DJ Michael Ealey is playing her on Streetwise Radio. He told me to check her out and I must say I’m glad I did because this young lady has talent. While listening to her music, I have become a fan. Portia Monique was singing at an early age, and it shows through the music she sings and writes about. Portia has a soulful neo-soul sound. I like her lyrics they have meaning. Here are the songs that I like, “Grace”, “Nobody” and "Get To Know You". If you never heard of Portia Monique, you can listen to her on Streetwise Radio you will become a fan. You can listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, Pandora, MyGen365, Live365 and Athena365.

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