Friday, May 25, 2012

The 15th Annual KBLX Stone Soul Concert

Yes! It’s that time of year concerts are going on all over the country this Memorial Day Weekend. The KBLX Stone Soul Concert will be May 27, 2012, at the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord California. The lineup of stars is Charlie Wilson, Chaka Khan, Cameo, Ohio Players and Lakeside. I’m sure upset that I’m going to miss this one, it’s going to be great. I remember back in the day going to the KBLX Stone Soul Concerts in Concord California. The first time I went, I purchased lawn seats that consist of a blanket that you brought from home. It got so hot out there in the sun, I kept getting up and going to were the vendor where to find some shade. I did not enjoy the concert at all. I learned my lesson the second time I went. I purchased sets under the pavilion. It was a lot more enjoyable. If you have never been to a KBLX Stone Soul Concert in Concord California, go and check it out the entertainment is great. There are all types of food, art and clothing vendors. You want to get there early if you have lawn seats, because you want to get as close to the pavilion as possible to get the shade from the pavilion.

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