Monday, March 28, 2011

Arika Kane. Now Playing on Streetwise Radio

Arika Kane is exactly what the world has been missing. Charisma, Soul, Style, Class & Song are the elements of Arika Kane.She is a shining star waiting & ready to endulge the world with Great Music. She is a Singer/ Songwriter born and raised in The Northeast Corner of Connecticut. Being introduced to Music while she was in Mommy's tummy was only the beginning. Her Mother & Father whom both are Singers & Musicians were touring New England with their Hit Show called "Mass Production" during the time Arika was born. Mass Production was a group of 12 or more singers backed by a Full Band. Singing Broadway Medleys, Top 40, Rock & Roll. 

Arika's tiny ears tuned into Good Music at an early age. Music became Second Nature to her. She always found herself surrounded by Music at all times no matter what. " I realized at a young age the power of Music...It releases emotions & puts things in perspective. I wish Life was a Musical, and there was a song for every situation. lol. " Arika had no doubt in her mind that what made her Happy was her destiny, Music. As Arika grew up she was influenced by every different genre of Music. From India Arie to Aerosmith. " Music has no boundaries & no Limits. An amazing song has the power to touch the whole world. I love all Music that is passionate & genuine." Arika's first vocal teachings came from Mariah Carey's Album, Vision of Love. " I learned a lot about Color & Range from Mariah. She is just phenomenal to me & paved the way for many singers. " As Arika grew up, she began developing her identity & her own style. Arika soon then became in touch with her Songwriting which was influenced by her father who is a Songwriter. After working with many artists & producers, Arika was determined to learn Recording Software & Audio Production on her own. She was anxious to Record and Produce all the Songs she had in her head...Soon her Songwriting became noticeable to all around her that Arika Kane is someone to take very seriously. Just about every song she was writing has HIT potential, and she was only improving. 

She now produces & writes and plans on working with other Artists in the future. Arika Kane is now signed with BSE Recordings. of Big Score Entertainment. She is the First Artist & Lady of the Label, and is Hungry & focused on Success...She has recently Had A Successful Release & Listening Party at The DEX Studios in NYC. The turnout was wonderful. The World of Music, Entertainment, & Fashion joined together to celebrate this special event. ARIKA KANE hit the stage and performed her Singles " Why Did We Fall N' Luv " & " Bcuz I Luv U " which is climbing the charts right now on Urban AC & R&B Radio Stations. It has just recently hit the Number 2 Spot in the South. You can Hear Arika Kane also Right Now on MUSIC CHOICE. The Self-Titled Debut Album "Arika Kane" will be out in August of '09. It is filled with Great Music and Hit Songs. " I am so excited for the World to hear my Album. Every song has it's own identity and place, yet they are all equally amazing. My goal in all my Music is to make people feel good. I really believe we don't embrace the good things in life as much as we should. And through my Music I hope to Contribute to that." - Arika Kane :)

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