Thursday, February 3, 2011


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The first time I met Charlie Wilson, was in the early 80’s. He was visiting our church,   The Church of The Living God. If I remember right,
I believe he was the Pastors cousin.  Charlie Wilson was with The Gap Band at that time. He invited all the young adults to the Gap Band concert at the Oakland Coliseum it was ten of us. The Gap Band was one of the hot funk bands at that time, the concert was outstanding. Now known as “Uncle Charlie” the name given to him by Snoop Dogg, has over come drug addition, homelessness and prostate cancer. I am so happy he did because would not have his great songs since his comeback. Songs like “Charlie Last Name Wilson” which stayed on the Adult R&B charts for six
weeks and nine weeks with the single “There Goes My Baby,” I love both of these songs. Uncle Charlie Wilson just keeps on giving his fans great music “Just Charlie” his third solo album the song on this album “You Are” is climbing the charts to number one on the Adult R&B charts. I am predicting that will be his crossover song. I can see people of all nationalities using this as a theme song at their weddings and anniversaries.Uncle Charlie Wilson appeals to the younger generation as well they know him from being on songs with Kanye West, Lil Kim, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain and
Justin Timberlake. Uncle Charlie Wilson has reinvented his self to stand the test of time, he knows how blend the old school with the new school music of today. Uncle Charlie Wilson in my opinion is one of the great singer songwriters of our time. I pray he is around for years to come, giving all his fans his beautiful music.

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