Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jesse Boykins III Written by: Rajada Ealey

I am shocked. Amazed. Astonished. Dumbfounded. How have I not ever heard of this R&B singer/songwriter, Jesse Boykins III? I constantly ask myself this question every single time that powerful beat of his, trickles down my ear canal. But just recently I’ve been introduced to his music and boy can I say, that now, I am so happy to have his music in my life. Jesse Boykins III dropped his new album, Bartholomew, this year in late July, which I also found myself listening to over and over again. He started producing albums in 2008, where he released his first album, The Beauty Created. I have yet to check out his other albums, but I definitely know what I’ll be doing this week. And If you like R&B/Soul jams this album will leave you wanting more. What I like the most about this album is all the surprises. Some songs will have you bopping your head and tapping your feet as soon as that first beat drops. Whether it’s the funky beats, dancey vibes, smooth instrumental hip-hop, or those soul jams, the chill of Bartholomew is like food to the your ears. You can’t live without. The rough but chill intro “Earth girls” does a great job of preparing us for the R&B rollercoaster ride Jesse Boykins III has strapped us into. But believe me when I say this is a ride worth waiting in line for. Songs like “Everybody Shut up,” “Into You,” “I Need you,” and “Tomorrow,” just to name a few, are perfect examples of the shifts in styles he presents. Not to high not too deep, this singer-songwriter voice is also something to be amazed by. It’s a shame this artist is very underrated but if his past albums are any good as Bartholomew, I’m sure this artist is one you should be on the lookout for. Bartholomew is truly an amazing album. Now I may be overselling it a bit but my ears just can’t stay away. So, check it out for yourself and you may find yourself glued to this album like I am.

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