Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ahmed Sirour The B’Earthday Boy Collection


I love to hear artists who have their own take on music. The originality of how they put it all together is mind blowing. I can’t believe Ahmed Sirour, this guy is awesome. This composer, arranger, producer, sound engineer from Brooklyn, New York is a self-taught musician and a gift to the music universe. I say this because his remixes and mash ups of songs like, "Always Get Away" - Lenora Jaye, "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson, "Brazilian Skies" - Bill Summers, "Eleanor Rigby" - The Beatles, "Family Affair" - Sly & The Family, "Love Wicki Like This" - The Fatback Band &Faith Evans and "The Funky Keyboardist" - Clyde Stubblefield/James Brown is pure genius. Ahmed can put out a series of singles and albums. Some are Jazzy, Funky instrumentals, poetry and some have singers on there that can truly sing no auto-tunes anywhere. Singers like Yvette Rovira, Yahzarah, Lenora Jaye and Michelle Thompson. Ahmed Sirour in my opinion is one amazing musician that no doubt will be going on my play list. Check out Ahmed Sirour’s, The B’Earthday Boy Collection on Streetwise Radio you will be amazed at this talented musician and become a fan.

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