Thursday, July 4, 2013

Willie Taylor



Listening to Streetwise Radio I’ve come across some underrated artists that should be played on the on-air stations and are not. Willie is so underrated in my opinion he should be one of those artist. This sexy 32 year old R&B singer from Harvey, Illinois can deliver a sensual song. He should be right up there with some of the artist he collaborated with like Avant, Joe, Ginuwine and Jagged Edge. I’ve never heard of him until Streetwise Radio. Before he became known to some, he sang with a Chicago based group called “Kwiet Storm”. After 10 years with this group he went solo in 2006. He gained notoriety from being on MTV’s Making the Band 4 in 2007. Streetwise Radio is playing the song “Morning” his 2012 single. Willie Taylor is definitely an R&B singer that sings strictly for grown folks. If your young and appreciate good music you will like him too. Tune into Streetwise Radio and listen to Willie Taylor or listen to Streetwise Radio on Pandora, iTunes, Live365, MyGen365 and Athena365.

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