Monday, April 1, 2013

Brandon Hines

This R&B crooner with a pleasant tenor voice sings love songs. Brandon Hines is from the Detroit Michigan, I like is style he reminds me of a young Brian McKnight. Brandon is an intelligent young brother he took is knowledge of social networking and promoted his first album “Love Music:Fallin in Fallin” while he was at Howard University. Through the student body, he sold over 10,0000 copies which gained him a fan base. Brandon left school and decided to peruse his music career. He went to New York City hooked up with some heavy hitters in the music industry such as Trey Songz, J. Cole, R. Kelly, Ryan Leslie and Troy Taylor. When he went on tour with Estelle’s American Boy tour his fan grew through MySpace and YouTube. His song “Fire” was on the movie sound track “Think Like a Man”. Brandon Hines is an artist that is underrated, but I predict we will be hearing from a lot him. My favorite songs from Brandon Hines is “Fire”, “Yes You Are”, "Where Did U Go", “In Love With Someone Else” and “Pin Up Girl”.Listen to Brandon Hines on Streetwise Radio,Live365,Athena365,MyGen365,iTunes,Pandora,Soul City.

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