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Born Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13, 1967, in Terrell, Texas Jamie Foxx
was abandoned by his birth parents at the age of seven months. Jamie was
raised by his mother’s adoptive parents, Estelle and Mark Talley. Jamie
was brought up in a strict Baptist Church; he started piano lessons at the
age of five by orders of his grandmother. Jamie was a part-time pianist
and choir leader at Terrell’s New Baptist Church. Jamie was an honor
student at Terrell High School, where he played basketball and football he
played quarterback on the football team. Jamie was the first player in the
school’s history to pass for 1,000 yards.  Jamie received a scholarship to
United States International University, after high school where he studied
Classical music and composition.

 Jamie started out as a stand up comedian, he was dared by a girl friend
it was a good thing he took the dare. Jamie changed his name to Jamie
Foxx after he found out that they let the female comedians perform first.
Jamie chose his surname as a tribute to Redd Foxx. Jamie is truly
multitalented; this was the beginning of his television and film career.
Jamie joined the cast of living color in 1991, as Wanda Wayne the
ugliest, horniest gal in the hood. There was a scene when Wanda was on
the Dating Game, she came out in this Blonde wig blue dress she looked a
mess. Jim Carey was the host. When it was time for the bachelors to meet
her, bachelor number one came around the corner slap her five and said
“what’s up man” bachelor number three came around the corner side stepped
her and started hugging the host and laugh hysterically  because he was
glad he wasn’t picked. The bachelor she did pick Paul Nelson (played by
Tommy Davidson) came around the corner saw Wanda dove into Jim Carey’s
arm swing his hands and feet toward Wanda. Wanda said “why are you
trippin I’m the catch of the day” Tommy Davidson said “somebody needs to
throw your ugly ass back”. I laughed from the start of the scene to the
end and after or every time I thought about it. Every time Jamie was on
as Wanda you always laughed from the beginning to the end. He had his own
sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show from 1996 to 2001 I use to watch this shows
it was funny but not as funny as his character Wanda. He also had a
recurring role on the sitcom Roc.  In 1992 is film debut was Toys and he
was in a dramatic film role in 1999 Any Given Sunday where he played a
football player. Jamie roles got even better he was featured in the film
Collateral alongside Tom Cruise; he received an Academy Award nomination
for Best Supporting Actor. Jamie played the role of Ray Charles which won
him an Academy Award for Best Actor and a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a
Leading role. Jamie Foxx is the second male in history to receive two
acting Oscar nominations in the same year for two different movies; Al
Pacino was the first. After this Jamie Foxx was a bankable star in
Hollywood. He played the lead role in the kingdom with Chris Cooper,
Jennifer Garner and Ashraf Barhom. Jamie Foxx star keeps shining on
September 2007 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

 Jamie Foxx is not finished yet, this man can sing. Jamie Foxx’s “Slow
Jamz” featured rapper Twista and Kanye West this song went number one on
Billboard Hot 100 single chart. He didn’t stop there he teamed up with
Kanye on his song Gold Digger Jamie sung the hook “I Got a Woman” this
song went straight to number one on Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there
for 10 weeks. Jamie won a BET Award for Best Duet/Collaboration with
Kayne West. Just about everyone loved this song, except for the Gold
Diggers out there I suppose. I like Jamie Foxx Unpredictable album
especially the song he did with Twista “DJ Play A Love Song”. Jamie Foxx
has teamed up with other artists like Mary J Blige, Ludicrous & Field Mob
and Rascal  Flatts. Jamie Foxx has a new album out “Best Night of My
Life”. There are two songs on this album that I like “This Will Be” the
intro and “Living Better Now” because it‘s catchy. 

I like Jamie Foxx, because he can make you laugh and he also can be
serious when he need be. I wish he would put out an album with just him on
it singing, so he can show his talent. I hope we will continue seeing and
hearing a lot more from Jamie Foxx. You can hear songs from his “Best
Night of My Life” on Streetwise Radio.


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